Wishing You a Season of Magic & Wonder

The holiday season and year-end are always times of reflection, filled with the memories of successes, the "what-ifs" of missed opportunities, and hopes for the year to come. But don't forget about this one thing...

Hold onto that sense of wonder.

This can be a crazy time of year for business owners. For many in fact, November and December make or break their financial performance for the year. It's so easy for us to get caught up in day-to-day operational pressures and planning for next year—not to mention holiday shopping and family obligations. Then before you realize it, the magic of the season quietly slips by us with barely a notice.

Stop. Just stop, even if only for a few minutes.

Take some time to take in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of this holiday season. Appreciate the lights and watch the looks of wonder on kids' faces. Hear the carols for the thousandth time, but this time truly listen to the meaning of the lyrics. And for God's sakes, eat that extra cookie (I certainly am). And most of all, spend time with family and friends.

Fezziwig had it right.

I smile when I think of my favorite character from Dickens' A Christmas Carol, good Old Fezziwig. It's always remarked upon how he was a very successful businessman, yet he still knew how to celebrate life and keep the holiday season.

Notice the usage of the word, "yet." I think it's all wrong, almost like being a success in business and knowing how to appreciate life are mutually exclusive. For many, I suppose they are. However, I like to think Fezziwig's success in business was the result of his appreciation of—and gusto for—life.

Bring the magic & wonder to your business.

So this holiday season, keep old Fezziwig in mind. Shut up shop a little early; celebrate with your employees; and take time to share the holidays with family and friends. And if you're open, bring that sense of magic & wonder to your customers. Create a memorable experience that helps them celebrate the season. I think you'll find it's good for the soul and good for business. 

And from the altREVOLUTION family, we wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.

 Good, Old Fezziwig

Good, Old Fezziwig

"It’s not just for money alone that one spends a lifetime building up a business…. It’s to preserve a way of life that one knew and loved."
--Fezziwig from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens