altREVOLUTION provides exceptional consulting services to help businesses adapt, grow, & thrive.

There are times when businesses need a fresh, outside perspective, when the situation requires a more intensive (and often, extensive) response. altREVOLUTION offers comprehensive business & marketing consulting engagements for when businesses & organizations need to:

  • solve a tough business problem—improve sales/sq. ft.; address competitive pressures; increase online sales; & more.
  • reimagine or refresh the brand—develop a new look; create an amazing customer experience; align with new trends; & more.
  • rethink the business model—adapt to changing business conditions; cut costs; nurture new sales channels; & more.
  • plan for future expansion—open a new location; franchise; expand online; & more.
  • open new markets—develop a new business line; introduce a new product; reach a new audience; conduct research; & more.

An altREVOLUTION consulting engagement provides unique value.

HOlistic Thinking + a systemic approach

Many consultants focus on the exact issue they're hired to deal with. Well, nothing operates in a vacuum. And at altREVOLUTION, we encourage and challenge you to think holistically; to see & understand ripple effects; and to think how systems can be created, strengthened, and leveraged to further your business objectives. 

A focus on value creation

We view every engagement we tackle as an opportunity to create value for our clients. We don't just solve problems. We evaluate solutions on their potential to create additional opportunities—for revenue growth, for cost savings, for new operational approaches, and more.

design + experience in everything

Our foundation is in marketing and customer experience so we view everything through the lens of design & experience. Whether it's internal- or external-facing, everything we touch will convey your brand values & aesthetic and be designed with the customer-reader-visitor-employee in mind. Without exception.

Rapid research & testing

We're in the insights business and consequently, we're big advocates of using research & testing to challenge our hypotheses, get feedback, and uncover pitfalls and opportunities. We use a "rapid-micro" approach where we use quick, small-scale testing or surveying as we go through the process. It's cost effective, informs decision-making, and results in solid outcomes that have earned the confidence of all stakeholders. 

a new level of Partnership

Here's our idea of customer service & partnership: When our engagement is completed, we want you to suffer—to go through "altREVOLUTION withdrawal," to long for our return. We're sort of kidding...but we seriously want you to think of us as your business partner, your counsel, your advocate, and your cheerleader. We believe the quality of the engagement itself is just as important as its final product or outcome.

How can we help you? Tell us more:

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