Taking the Crown.

How do you take a luxury, royal-themed brand and make it approachable & modern while maintaining that exclusive feel? Good question.

Well, we do love a good challenge and that's why we were excited when Crown Realty Group approached us about building a new website for them. Crown is a real estate firm based in New York City, one of the most complex real estate markets in the world. Led by its president, Donny Hadel, Crown's mission is to guide its clients through the rough-and-tumble world of the NYC property market; help them realize their goals; and have them come out the other end feeling like royalty. Not an easy task, but one in which Crown excels.

Our goal was to translate that experience into a compelling website. We wanted to take Crown's "royal treatment" and infuse it with the vibrancy & excitement of New York and make the brand relatable to a younger demographic. How'd we do? Give it a look.

And if you're looking for a place to hang your hat in New York City, check out Crown. Just don't let all that royal treatment go to your head. 

 Crown Realty Group, New York, NY

Crown Realty Group, New York, NY