Let's Make Some Waves

altREVOLUTION launches a new line of affordable marketing services, specialized for small enterprises.

Just in time for the new year, altREVOLUTION launched a series of new marketing services, designed especially to meet the unique needs and budgets of small businesses. The range of services offer strategy & planning, advertising & media buying, content development, websites, design services, and business consulting. The services combine expertise with a unique flexibility, delivered at an affordable price.

Affordability + customized expertise.

aItREVOLUTION's new services provide small businesses with a range of options that offer high-quality marketing strategy, support, logistics, and training—customized to their particular needs and situation, at price they can afford. altREVOLUTION has structured the services to deliver the highest quality marketing services at the lowest possible price in an effort to help small enterprises tap into marketing & sales expertise when they need, how they need it, and at prices they can afford.

The customer experience and a guiding strategy are key.

Each of altREVOLUTION's new services takes into account the experience the client wants to convey, including brand, tone, voice, and level of service. From an Adwords campaign to a complete website redesign, each engagement ensures that experience is front-and-center. 

In addition, each service is designed to fit into the client's overall strategy. No more wasting money with a random set of tactics; altREVOLUTION's approach ensures each service is delivering on the client's overall goals and is tied to an overarching strategy. And a new, free advising service assesses client needs and directs them to the appropriate programs, ensuring the cart remains firmly behind the horse.

altREVOLUTION is an on-demand marketing utility for small businesses. 

Flexibility is key in altREVOLUTION's new services. The company not only offers a range of marketing & consulting services, but also a range of ways through which clients can work with them. Clients can:

  • Start with a marketing strategy and work through their way through additional services as budget permits.
  • Access advice and services at an affordable hourly rate.
  • Engage altREVOLUTION for a particular project.
  • Get training on a particular skill for future DIY success.
  • Take advantage of full-service marketing management on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Get in-depth strategy & guidance with a comprehensive consulting engagement.
  • Or mix and match in the way that best suits their needs.

With this new approach, altREVOLUTION becomes an affordable marketing & strategy utility that clients can turn on and off as they need.

A focus on service + advocacy.

altREVOLUTION's new services and client engagement model reflect a commitment to keeping neighborhoods and business districts diverse and unique. The company strives to be a vocal advocate for small business and focuses on providing services and advice to help small organizations not only survive, but thrive. 

For more information or inquiries, contact Barry Tonoff at barry.tonoff@altrevolution.com