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Learn a Skill


Schedule an hour-long training session to get in-depth instruction on one marketing topic of your choice. Learn a new skill, then apply it to your business all on your own.

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With altREVOLUTION's Learn a Skill sessions, you can learn about a particular marketing skill, discipline or practice, media venues, analytics, and more. Each session grounds you in the fundamentals, teaches you best practices, and helps you analyze the key metrics for success. Best of all? These aren't generic online video lessons, Learn a Skill provides one-on-one, live phone/online sessions with lots of back-and-forth, allowing us to customize the learning for your specific business needs.

You can learn:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Facebook, including advertising strategy, Pages, posting strategy, Ads Manager, Power Editor, Reports, and keys to measuring success.
  • Search Engine Optimization, including definitions, strategy, and best practices.
  • LinkedIn, including Sales Navigator, Ads, & company profiles, & posting strategies.
  • Instagram, including fundamentals, posting strategy, Ads, Power Editor, Reports, and keys to measuring success.
  • Pinterest, including fundamentals, pins, boards, and analytics.
  • Twitter, including fundamentals, tweets, advertising strategy, hashtags, ads, reporting, and keys to measuring success.
  • Other sessions include YouTube, Email Marketing, Direct Mail, CRM solutions, Email solutions, and more. Don't see what you need? Just ask.

At $250/hour-long class, Learn a Skill sessions teaches you the ins and outs of a marketing or media skill at an affordable rate. We set you up with the fundamentals so you can take that skill, apply it to your business, and measure & understand your performance. It's sets the foundation for your success and saves you countless dollars by learning to market your business on your own.

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