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Build a Website


Create a website that acts as a powerful engine for your business by building traffic, commanding attention, & driving visitor interactions. 

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With so many tools available, the mechanics of building a website for your business on your own have never been easier. We've found, however, that many DIY small business websites overlook must-have marketing fundamentals, including SEO-optimized copy, lead capture, engagement, copy & design that drive transactions, & many more. These core elements are the difference between a nice-looking website and a website that acts as a powerful sales & marketing engine for your business.

altREVOLUTION's Build a Website service offers something unique. We design and build a best-in-class website with all the powerful marketing tools you need and we build it for you on one of the commercially available platforms. You get marketing & design expertise plus the tools & capabilities to easily manage your website on your own, if you choose. This practical & unique combination yields a revenue-driving website with low operating costs. Here's how it works:

We start with a 30-minute phone interview to understand your business, your goals for your website, any other marketing tools you use (social, email, CRM, etc), and your current marketing activities. Within 3 business days, you'll receive a project plan, including a design brief, page outline, operations plan, and project timeline. Once approved, we'll begin working on your site with the goal of delivering it to you for your review within 3 weeks. Your new site will include:

  • Stunning design that gets noticed and showcases your brand, products, & services.
  • Our comprehensive copywriting service. Your website copy will reflect the tone of your brand, engage readers, and drive them to take desired actions.
  • SEO optimization, including keyword inclusion, tags, SEO-optimized copy, and submission to top search engines.
  • Lead capture and contact forms.
  • Operational content such as privacy policy, terms of use, error messages, etc.
  • Integration with your social media profiles.
  • Showcasing any of your visual work, including video, audio, imagery, and more.
  • Integration with your existing marketing tools (CRM, blogs, email marketing solutions, etc.).
  • Integration with relevant apps, including ticket sales, event dates, appointment scheduling, connections to 3rd party sales (iTunes, Amazon, etc.), and more.
  • Transfer of any existing domain names.
  • Training on how to update & manage your website, should you choose to do so.

Note: There may be additional charges for the following. Every additional charge will be noted in your Project Plan and presented to you in advance for approval.

  • Hosting Plan. (approximately $150-250 per year) required
  • Any licensing costs for images. (approximately $12-30 per image)
  • Domain registration, if you don't have one already. 
  • Any costs associated with third-party app integrations.

With altREVOLUTION's Build a Website service, you will have a stunning website that serves as the cornerstone of your marketing activities and acts as workhorse for your business. What are you waiting for? We can't wait to get started...

Any questions? Contact us now.

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